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Marble Paintings - Earth's Natural Jewel
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  Marble Paintings
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Marble is a natural stone with immense beauty and is available in a variety of colors. Excellent craftsmanship and talent is portrayed in almost every form of marble painting. Done with immense perfection and beauty, marble paintings encompass traditional as well as contemporary styles. Marble paintings are miniature paintings made on exquisite variety of a marble. A marble painting is a perfect showpiece for enhancing of the interiors as well as the exteriors. Marble paintings are highly ornate and are available with detailed carvings in natural and smooth marble finish. The beautiful marble paintings with inlay work are also done on table tops, wall hangings, furniture, etc., marble paintings are also available with or without gold and are made on marble of different sizes and thickness. Marble is viewed as normal and wonderful sandstone, which is available in selection of colours and is also very much artistic. Marble painting used in flooring is quite popular and also increases the value of the home decoration. A marble work is a great show of the ability of the local merchants. A marble painting enlightens the interiors and the exteriors of our homes.

Marble paintings enlightens the beautiful expression of love. Marble paintings are miniature paintings made on a genuine piece of white marble. Marble paintings can be framed and used as a table top or a wall hanging in our home or office. Marble miniature paintings are simply amazing. The colors used in marble paintings are made out of natural vegetable and mineral dyes. The use of lacquer adds a permanent finish to the marble painting and enhances its life value. Marble paintings is used as a desktop or a wall's clinging in our house. Painstaking efforts and endless patience turn a simple white colored marble into a rich articraft of immense cultural value and monetary value.

The theme of marble paintings revolves around the bhakti cult of india especially around lord krishna with his beloved radha. Many of the marble paintings show them wooing each other with beautiful love expressions. We can also find various other themes of marble paintings such as mughal kings and queens, solo figures and beautiful flower motifs painted on them too.

While undertaking the marble painting, first of all the marble base is prepared by coating the marble with a neutral color and sponged a couple of times for attaining the right effect. This procedure is then followed by adding color and at times gold dust, gold leaves, jewels and lacquer too. The use of lacquer adds a permanent finish to the marble painting and enhances its life value. Marble painting on tiles are quite popular. At the same time you can also find marble paintings with inlay work on table tops, furniture, and wall hangings too. Marble painting is an indian phenomenon wherein the intricate images are beautifully portrayed in the natural stone. Marble paintings are known for brilliant shades, excellent home decorations, and best quality durable products. Marble paintings as an art form originated in rajasthan in the 16th century which was used by the rajput kings. Today marble paintings have gained it own popularity in terms of immense beauty, unique designs etc., marble paintings is a versatile art form with immense beauty and richness. Marble paintings are available in a variety of colors and themes which comprise of jewellery, indian musical instruments etc., a marble painting is done on a thin tile to keep them light. Initially a drawing is made on to the marble tile. The relief and intricate work is done on the portions where gold work is required. This has to dry completely and gold leaves are pasted on the relief work and remaining portions are colored. Once it gets dried, intricate designs are drawn on the gold relief work. Beads of various colors are then stuck with glue. The gold relief work done on the marble painting adds grandness to the painting. This splendid artwork of the marble painting has to be framed with glass which adds the essence to the painting.

A marble painting has its unique identity and is very much special because it enlightens our home furnishing. Unique gifts of marble miniature paintings would be treasured for every indian art in miniature style itself.

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