Black Velvet Paintings, Velvet Art, Velvet Paintings - Brightening Colors

Black Velvet Paintings, Velvet Art, Velvet Paintings - Brightening Colors
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  Velvet Paintings
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Creativity comes from within. When it comes through painting it adds colors in our life.

A velvet painting is a type of painting, which is distinguished by the use of velvet usually black in color as the support, in place of canvas, paper, or similar materials. The velvet provides an especially dark background against which colors stand out brightly. Velvet painting is an ancient technique, which is popular in the united states in the late 20th century. Velvet is a soft fabric such as silk, rayon, or nylon which has a smooth dense pile and underside. Velvet paintings are believed to appeal people which in turn reflect the beliefs and customs of common people. Velvet painting also reflects the austere beauty of art. Bright, vivid, and glowing colors are used to add richness to the paintings done on velvet. Velvet paintings are originated from kashmir, also known as the homeland of the fabric. Velvet paintings gives the feeling of artistic urge for food. The velvet canvas gives a smooth, sober, and silky impression. A dark-colored velvet painting looks wonderful and classy. The use of bright and classy colors in velvet painting adds to the beauty and enlightens the color. A velvet painting is a perfect present for business giving or a corporate gifting.

Painting on velvet was originally practiced by early priests, who perfected techniques for depicting religious ceremonies and subjects. Velvet fabric is soft, thick, short pile and a plain twill or satin wave ground. Modern velvet is of many types. Lyons velvet has a stiff ground and erect pile. Transparent velvet has a sheer foundation and panne velvet is a long-napped weave and pressed. Black velvet graphics is actually followed from kashmir is considered as the beginning of clothing. Their works are spiritual in characteristics representing the well-known graphics. Black velvet painting works well and attracts out the beauty of each colour. The background color should be preferably be black or any other dark color as it reflects the main image and thus turns out to be beautifully portrayed. The main important aspect to remember here are the skills of the artists or the professionals as they take efforts to beautifully furnish the painting with a variety of colors thus separating them in to different shades and thus flash it to the person who has to be presented.

Velvet painting is an expressive art form comparable to that of any other type of painting. Before painting the velvet, it is very important to wash and dry the velvet to prevent it from shrinking. When preparing velvet for painting, it helps to bond the fabric to a sturdy backing board made from thick cardboard or cork board. Apply a quality fabric glue to bond the material to the supportive board. Artists secure the velvet with staples or nails on the back. While creating fabric, it is very important to secure them in a manner that will not ruin the fabric, such as with embroidery hoops. Rotate the entire piece until it takes on a dark lustrous appearance; which ensures that the threads are oriented in the right direction and makes painting and blending easier. Velvet painting also reflects the divinity of the artist. Velvet is renowned for its soft feel and good looks. Velvet is a tufted fabric with a short and dense pile, and it is this design that gives velvet a famous look and feel. Velvet can be made from a variety of fibers, and it is woven on a special loom.

Velvet paintings are so clean and crisp with a brighter look that it gives us a clear idea about the picture.

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