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'chocolate' a thing which every small child likes to eat and can do anything to get it. Earlier when kids were not interested in doing any of the things at that time their mother used to tell them to do it only after she promised them to buy a chocolate for them. It has created a lot of craze for the people who are fond and who still are chocoholic. It is a thing which can be eaten at point of time and is very much loved by all of us. Even though it has no limitation but our parents restrict or warn us of not eating it in much of quantity as it would affect on our health especially teeth. These chocolates are very light weight and are used for carrying very comfortable during journey as the sweetness of the chocolates makes our mouth tasty. From small children to elder people these chocolates are loved by everyone..

Chocolates are very commonly gifted on the occasions of birthdays, diwali season and on valentine's day. It's a product which everybody would like to opt and hog for. India has two giant chocolate companies which are nestle and cadbury which has dominated the entire market since form many years. Cadbury has dairy milk which is loved by all and is also used for making or preparing cakes, pastries, puddings all sorts of deserts etc. The main use of chocolates is in the making of cakes as it has the layer of the melted chocolate and also for the decoration shredded chocolate pieces. Also for nestle the famous chocolate preferred is kit kat which is wafer cum chocolate and is designed into four bars which are easy to break into pieces.

There are various types of chocolates dark chocolate, milk chocolate, bitter chocolate and sweet chocolate. The concept of chocolate which is bitter and is dark derived from western country where people have bitter and dark chocolate which is considered as the real chocolate. Chocolates come in the category of confectionary which also has drinking items like drinking chocolate, bourn vita which again has chocolate mixed, flavor and the essence. Chocolate sauce is also available in the market of very famous brand hershey's made by melting chocolate bars.

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