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It's completely foodilicious. A round shape vessel, made up of ceramic, metal, wood, plastic and other materials, which is used in different cultures to serve food and also used in storing food items like spicy food, sweet dishes, preservatives, salads etc., its appearance can range from very simple designs of a single color to sophisticated artwork.

It's one of our favorites "bowls" "bowls" are typically small and shallow often used to serve food. "bowls" have a glossy and shiny look which attracts the attention of the people. Its availability is unique in the market. Starting our supper with a starter and ending it with a highly 'paid bill' "bowls" sometimes can play a major role in emptying your pockets. It has a unique identity in the market. "bowls" are known as the mother of all kitchen appliances.

"bowls" are available in different shape, size, color, design, patterns etc.

the yummy ness of the food, reaching the taste of the tongue is an only reason what we hold in our hand is the "bowl". "bowls" are of different types. Glass bowls, crystal bowls, ceramic bowls, dessert bowls, pet bowls and feeders, plastic bowls, salad bowls, batter bowls, disposable bowls, wooden bowls, leaf dishes and enamel dishes serving "bowl", eco friendly stainless steel "bowls", metal bowl etc., and many more. "bowls" are so fascinating that it can also be used for corporate gifting, festivals and on different occasions as well. "bowls" are known as a very good presenter for serving the food because the consumer is fully satisfied at the very first sight before even gulping the food. Crystal "bowls" and "glass bowls" is used for keeping fruits or as decorative accessories. Dessert "bowls" is used for serving sweets. This type of bowl is mainly used during festivals. Pet bowls and feeders are meant for pets (animals) whereas salad bowls is the main reason for licking the lips especially for the weight losers. Ceramic bowls has its unique identity for its colorful design and plastic bowls is made for kids because it's unbreakable. Wooden bowls need shape and carving done as it reveals detailed design patterns. Thus, this element becomes a unique and personalized, as they have company name and logo printed and can be presented as in the form of gifts thus to promote the product. Metal bowl gives an elegant look for antique artwork and is used as furnishing. Bowls which are used for everyday purpose have a plain design which does not have large number of carvings done on it. They are indispensable part of every day life and are found everywhere in the kitchen or in living room. Apart from the following types the other ones include pottery bowls which are shaped on a potter's wheel to give it a perfect look, size and shape. Metal bowls or stainless steel bowls are durable, tough, and rust proof as they can be easily washed and is environment friendly.

During olden times, a bowl was considered as the sign of purity and dedication. How dedicated a person used to serve food to his/her relatives, friends, family etc., in today's modern generation it is being used fashionably and has become a trend to serve food sophisticatedly. Bowls are regarded as the blend of art where innovative designs and patterns could be incorporated. With its unique identity, it is more in demand in the market. Starting with its lower price range up to its higher price range depends on the size and quality of it. Some of the top quality brands in the market such as "vijay sales" and "archie's" have different types of bowls, which can be used for gifting purpose or for the daily chores followed by some occasions. Bowls are often used by sophisticated people especially who belongs from cannabis culture. They use it because of their drug addiction. Another type of bowl is fish bowl, which is a centre piece of decoration on the dining table. Fish bowls can be integrated into many decorations.

Bowls are regarded as a glorious kitchen appliance, which serves food too many people without any differentiation between castes, color, religion sex etc.; bowls enlightens our mom's kitchen.

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