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promotional gifts, promotional products, executive promotional products, corporate gifts
The arena of promotional gifts and products is ever increasing. With more and more people realizing the potential of promotional gifting in enhancing the brand image and lifting the company logo, almost everyone wants to join the bandwagon. promotional products and advertising specialties are proven marketing methods. the method of promotional gifting has stormed the advertising world as these gifts help build goodwill. They also help produce sales leads, ensure continued patronage and improve customer relations. Some organizations also use promotional gifts to raise funds and introduce new products and services.

The main uses of promotional gifts can be seen as follows:

- they help produce direct sales

- publicize the company products

- help deliver the institutional message

- activate accounts

- open new avenues and doors

- prevent the buyer's remorse.

In today's competitive world, it is best to put your best foot forward. Advertising is one of the most important forms of increasing brand consciousness. Promotional gifts give companies the ability that no other form of advertising can give- the touch effect. Little wonder that this indigenous way of advertising is gaining so much popularity!

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