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Executive Promotional Gifts, Promotional Gifts, Corporate Gifts
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  Executive Promotional Gifts
executive promotional gifts, promotional gifts, corporate gifts, promotional products
Executive promotional gifts are meant to be given to the executives of your company or those of the other companies. These prove to be good reminders and also keep the office staff happy. Executive promotional gifts are handed out to other companies to increase direct sales.

Like promotional products, executive promotional gifts can also be divided into three categories. These are:

- products which an individual keeps on themselves: these promotional products include key chains, key rings, caps, hats, bags, pouches wrist watches, t-shirts etc.

- products which are kept on the desk: promotional products such as pens, pens stands, folders, note pads, calendars etc fall under this category.

- products which make it to the house hold category: these products include mugs, bottle openers, aprons etc.

There are also certain products which are industry specific. Hotels and resorts prefer to give executive promotional gifts which are related to bath and wellness. Restaurants and bars like to promote their companies with products which are related to them such as bar accessories or aprons.

Executive promotional gifts also insure that the companies' information will be readily available when needed- thus including direct sales. Apart from these aspects, executive promotional gifts also help to deliver the institutional message of the company afore the company.

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