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Figrine - The Spark Of A Statuette
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A "figurine" is a beautifully molded small sculpture or statuette that represents a human, deity, or animal. A non living thing made up of "porcelain" and "ceramics". A figurine is a portrayal of the lives of people. Figurines are realistic or iconic, depending on the skill and intention of the creator. A figurine is a showpiece, which is kept in houses, offices and for shows on different periods. A figurine has a three perspective style that signifies human being, deity or pet. It is well - known and can be realistic. Its attractiveness not only gives sophisticated look to it, but also signifies the record and antiquity. In other sense, a figurine explores the life of individuals by putting forth an original idea which thus leads into a statue. A figurine is sculpted so beautifully that it not only gives an elegant look to it, but also depicts the history and antiquity. The innovative and unique component binds them into traditions of different regions, distinct form of relationships and expression and religious statue. Figurines could be gifted as a corporate gift for corporate occasions.

As, it portrays the lives of people, a figurine explores significant moments of king arthur, crucifixion of jesus, indian legendary epics, french history, greek and many more. Non-historic figures too, are immensely elucidated. The traditions of different regions, distinct forms of expressions and relationships, animal figurine, religious statue, antique collectible, crystal figurines, crystal figurine swan etc., are all illustrated through the medium of figurines. A figurine has its unique identity with different expressions such as couple dancing, a lady with flowers, animals, antiques, human images illustrating culture and fashion etc., and many more. These collectible figurines can be gifted as promotional corporate gift on different corporate occasions. There are different types of figurines which has its own values and respect carrying a bonding relationship with different individuals in the form of spirituality, inspirational, love able and a sense of mutual understanding between two people.

Different types of figurines such as crystal figurine, flower figurine, sea themed crystal figurine, action figurine, single rose crystal figurine, hummel figurine, redressable figurine etc., portray different values and expressions in it. Crystal figurines are small decorative art pieces that are made of quartz crystal. Some of these figurines are sold with a certificate of authenticity. Crystal figurine is in the shape of animal, flower or other object. Crystal animal figurine includes three crystal kittens in a glittery crystal basket and some of the popular animals such as rabbits, horses, and squirrels. Flower figurines are also popular crystal collectibles. Single rose crystal figurine has a pale color which gives elegant look to it. Sea themed crystal figurines include dolphins, seals etc., which are very attractive and is also used for gifting and memories of good hope. Hummel figurines are the trademark of ceramic series figurines. It indicates love, unity and friendship among the people. An action figurine is derived from a possible character figurine made up of plastic, or other materials and is based upon the characters of movie, comic, book or video game. Redress-able figurines are sometimes referred to action dolls. Also, angel figurines make great gifts. These figurines are painted and ornamented with gold leaf and halos. Angel of love is a graceful figurine. Olmec figurines describe a number of archetypal produced by formative period inhabitants of mesoamerica. It is also known as a "story telling" figurine because it shares different stories of its past. These figurines are usually found in household and construction fills. The vast majority is that it has a simple design with minimum of clothing and made of local terracotta. A baby face figurine is unique marker of olmec figurine. These small hollow figurines are recognized by the chubby body and baby like face.

"figurines" vary considerably with individual and its stylistic approach. Though we consider it as a "non living thing" but at the same time it has true love and value for the people and explores stories of the past.

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