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  Wall Hangings
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Wall hangings - a virtual illustration of beauty within you.

Wall hangings are stunning way of artworks that beautify the walls of the interiors. These quilted wall hangings represent or are the symbol of welcome and hospitality. Wall hanging décor includes several items that can change the way your walls look which can thus bring a change and can add meaning to it. These wall hangings are very innovative to home décor accessory that gives a stunning effect to the room. Wall art is a relatively old home accessory and there is a variety ranging from barn wood framed western tin prints to beautiful vignettes and ranching icons which simplifies its beauty and elegant look. There are varieties of wall hangings which are clocks, wall candle holders which are unique, beautiful and classy.

The use of vibrant and artistically delightful indian wall hangings accent the walls have the treasures from indian arts and crafts. It brings finesses of rare beauty and meticulous craftsmanship the indian artworks which embellish the walls with a touch of tradition that india has long practiced during the centuries and now these wall hangings thus symbolize the tradition through unique design, patterns and color combinations. These classic pieces of art the wall hangings of india share a good marketing potential with which the visual portrayal of the life and culture of ancient and medieval india is captivated in the wall hangings through the aesthetic creativity. The sublime charm and ethnicity thus talks about these beautiful wall hangings.

Indian wall hangings represent indian art and artistry in the form of embroidery, hand weaving, embossing, enameling, painting, sculpting, carving and more which has been a practiced since from ancient era. These wall hangings have stunning artworks which are carved out in fine pieces of clay, cane, glass, jute, coir, textile, paper, metal and wood. These are then bedecked with multicolored threads, called as 'zaris', beads, mirrors, sequins, semi precious stones and various other decorative elements which thus enhance its beauty more explicitly.

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