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To write is to express once feelings, but to innovate and gifting it to love able ones is something different especially when it is "handmade". There are various ways of epitomizing artistic and creative skills. Starting with the "ancient egyptians" who invented the first substance like the paper called "papyrus." today "papyrus" is also known as "handmade paper" papyrus scrolls were made by taking slices of the inner part of the papyrus stem, flattening then pounded into a hard, thin sheet. The word "paper" comes from the word "papyrus." the "paper" that we know today was invented by ts'ai lun in a.D. 105, it's believed that he mixed hemp, mulberry bark, and rags with water, mashed it into a pulp, pressed out the liquid and hung it to dry in the sun. Paper was born and this humble mixture would set off one of humans greatest communication revolutions. Today there is a revival in handmade paper making crafts. Not only it is a great experience, but it's a good way to recycle waste into wonderful possibilities.

A handmade paper is more often used to wrap the gift box and create an aesthetic impression while presenting gifts to someone. Besides, handmade paper is extensively used for making handmade crafts like paper doll, paper flower, carry bags, gift enclosures, and jewelry boxes. Handmade paper is also used in preparing greetings, albums, notebooks, journals, scrap books, and diaries on a wide scale. As its eco friendly a handmade paper product has a maximum usage as compared to plastic products. This is because it has a major advantage of its characteristic of being durable, bio degradable, and eco friendly. Handmade papers are available in a large range of varieties like embossed, dew drops, textured, embroidered, floral, silk, stitched, batik, crinkle and art papers. Handmade paper, stationery, and paper crafts are a good option for gifting on occasions like anniversaries and corporate functions. Handmade paper brings up the motive of being eco friendly and constitutes a diverseness of paper away from hand. Since past few years, handmade paper is in the race from generations. With the changing period of time handmade paper products are introduced in the market, which is eco friendly, thus keeping effects of the environment in mind. The handmade paper industry has emerged as a diversified and specialized industry that produces numerous types of papers, which is in various uses such as watermark paper, filter paper, drawing sheets, etc. other products include handmade paper bags, handmade paper diaries, handmade paper photo frames, handmade paper greeting cards, handmade paper boxes, handmade paper albums, etc, which is manufactured and are being exported across the world. Today, a majority of the gift and craft items are made from handmade paper. With the emergence and use of handmade paper various techniques can be used in a better way. Handmade paper frame makes attractive borders of pictures. Handmade papers create an impression when wrapped and presented for gifting purpose. Orchid handmade paper is a hallmark for an exclusive range of handmade papers. Handmade papers are not only exclusive, but are also very attractive and have a great tensile strength. These do not burst or tear easily like mill paper. Its popularity is increasing day by day considering the quality it has. Handmade paper has endless possibilities to accomplish. Handmade paper has a unique look and texture that sets apart from machine made paper. The beauty of handmade paper is commendable and the distinctive, tactile surface makes it special, establishing a niche on the platform of paper industry. Making handmade paper is a way to turn waste scraps of cotton fabrics, blue jeans and other waste materials into exquisite sheets of paper. There are many processes to make this paper. The beauty and rich texture of handmade paper is what makes it distinct from the machine made paper. The art of handmade paper making has a long and interesting history. with different enhancement additions, while making it, we can get a variety of designs, patterns, and styles. We can add color, fragrance and other things like leaves, petals, threads, etc. To make the paper a special one while gifting. The making of handmade paper demands alertness, proper space, good equipment, good time, and most of all, imaginations and creativity. Handmade paper is used as a gifting tool for anniversary purposes as well as for the corporate use.

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