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Gifts are unique items which are presented to the person to take part in his celebrations, happiness and joy. The utmost craze for the people would be gifts which are very much attractive and are very pleasing. Thus gifts play a very important role in people's life as gifts are very much close to his heart. Gifts are classified as corporate gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, promotional gifts and premium gifts. Today gifts have become part and parcel of our life. Use of these gifts is widely done on a large scale as people attend birthday parties; present the promotional gifts to promote the brand of the product. In this way these gifts have become essential items.

Premium gifts are useful for employees or company associates which would help them in future. Premium gifts includes varieties like decorative boxes, watches, calculators, mobile phones, glairs, bags, books, diaries and many more. These items are very much given in the corporate sector during diwali season complimentary gift items like mobile phones are given, chocolate boxes are given to the employees or to the office associates the term used for complimentary is premium gifts which thus leaves an impact in the organization as these gifts are gifted without any cost being involved and are given as a free gift.

These premium gifts are also used as promotional tool with the logo or the symbol of the company or the organization which would be useful for advertising and marketing. These premium gifts have beauty, classy feel and stylish design which is very attractive, these premium gifts are available in various sizes, shapes etc which help people to make a choice according to their preference. Decorative boxes are used to keep various items like jewelry, watches, cosmetic items etc. Watch is very helpful to keep a person to run on time and be punctual and particular. Bags are useful for women as they step out of the house for shopping to carry many thing or belongings.

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