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The word 'school' says as lot and signifies its appearance for the children's. The tension of exams, running last moment to buy pencil, pens, eraser, ruler, sharpener the five basic elements for any school going kid and especially when the exams are approaching near. The submission of journals, submission of books for assessment providing it with neat and clean presentation thus all imply about the various factors which develop in the course of time. The only term blooms out is the school stationery very differently designed for small kids as well for school children.

The list of things which are included in school stationery are note books, drawing books, journals, graph paper, pens, pencils, erasers, geometry boxes, glue, school bags etc. The need of all these things is very essential as it has lot of importance. Pen, pencil, sketch pens, marker pens are all writing instruments without which the meaning of education is useless as it teaches us to learn and write. The other things like geometry boxes are useful to construct the following graphs or shapes used for subjects like mathematics and geometry. Journals are used for jotting down the experiments which are performed in laboratories or the practical work which is often carried out in labs for the subjects like science, biology, physics and chemistry.

The use of this school stationery should be some in an appropriate way. The school stationeries are designs in a beautiful manner which not only attracts children's but also makes them but school stationeries. Also the quality of these products is very much high and long lasting. People usually for brands when it comes to school stationery products as it has created an impact with which people opt for using these products of non dust, camlin, faber castle, natraj, apsara etc. The other aspect what school always has is the activity of art and craft where children use crayons, sketch pens, water colors, paint brushes etc which teaches them an art of drawing, painting. Also for crafts these kids make use of cardboards, marble paper, design paper, glue, scissor etc which make them more creative by involving them in such subject.

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