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A place where we can relax, meditate, enjoy and even decorate would be our home or house. The ambiance or the feel of the house just lures us and is the most attractive places to have. Where we live is called home or house and we make changes in the décor of the house according to our personal choice, preference etc. It is better known as the place where we get utmost relaxed in the way we want is our home. A house looks complete with proper kitchen ware, furniture, accessories, appliances etc all these items are precious as they regularly have to be cleaned. For cleaning of kitchenware we need dishwasher, utensils soap, a cleaner or duster which would keep them neat and away from dust.

The other item is furniture which has to be cleaned everyday as the dust particles settles on it quickly which might not be good foe our health. For cleaning of furniture we used broom stick, a wet cloth with the few drops of phenyl added to it as it cleans the furniture as well as the floor. So all of these things make a house look better and adds the compactness to the décor. The décor of the house looks more attractive and beautiful when the bed covers and pillow covers are of matching colors, the desk table also has to be cleaned everyday.

The other items which are included in the household appliances are kitchen ware which includes cutlery, flask, exhaust fans, coffee makers etc. These household products are part of the house and are needed everyday and also it is required to maintain all the needs daily which people have. Exhaust fans are operated and are used to pass out the smell of strong essences used in cooking, coffee makers to have instant coffee without using gas and flask to keep water cool and more germ free as it air tight.

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